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Cro&Cro Architecture is led by founding architect Jean-Luc Crochon along with a diverse and cosmopolitan team of over twenty-five talents. 

Based in Paris, the agency has over twenty years of experience developing ambitious projects, many of which have been commissioned by renowned clients and have won several awards. Its multidisciplinary approach is reflected on a wide range of programmes, from urban development to furniture design.

The human value and well-being of the end-user are at the heart of the firm’s ethos; allowing to create spaces that feel complete, that adapt to the various uses and their evolution, and where sharing, serendipity, and environmental quality have a central place.

In 2017, Jean-Luc Crochon joined forces with Nayla Mecattaf to create a new division dedicated exclusively to the development of international projects: CroMe Studio.

Jean-Luc Crochon

Jean-Luc Crochon - © Cro&Co

Born in Paris, Jean-Luc Crochon graduated from UP1 in 1988. After working as a consultant for RFR, he created a new agency with Cuno Brullmann in 1998, which later became Cro&Co Architecture. He has been managing the agency by himself since 2008. Ten years later, he joined forces with Nayla Mecattaf to develop CroMe Studio, a division of Cro&Cro Architecture focused on the development of international projects.

Jean-Luc Crochon has received several awards (Trophées de la construction 2021, CTBUH Awards 2022 and 2001, Trophées Eiffel 2020, Prix Siati 2020, Prix Acier 2010, Prix AMO 2002) and publications. He is a member of the Ordre des architectes d’Île-de-France, the AFEX, the CTBUH and the board of directors of the AMO.